Policy Manual

Admiral Peary AVTS is in the process of updating and approving a new Policy Manual. In this process we will be updating and approving sections at a time as they are reviewed by PSBA, the Executive Director and the School Board. We will list our current policy manual and then the updated sections as they are approved. Once completed then the original Policy Manual will be totally replaced with the new one.

Please view the original Policy Manual by clicking here.

We are currently reviewing sections 600, 900 in their entirety.   

Section 000, 100, 200, 300 and 700 have been approved by the JOC and as the final changes are made by PSBA, they will be posted on their website and removed from ours. 

You can click below to review the sections.

Finalized PSBA Section 000, 100, 300

Section 200

Section 700

Please be patient as this will take time to process the entire Policy Manual.